Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new dawn

Good Morning! Well, here we are, the start of school. Boy did this summer go fast. I don’t remember going back to school this early when I was a kid. While I understand the need for education I also think it is important to let kids just be kids. They are supposed to play and go nuts. They also have to do it long enough where they become bored so that they become creative. My kiddos have not had enough time to do that. I am not even tired of them yet and I just took a cross country vacation with them in the same car. Summer is not ready to be over yet.

Sydney and Graham met their teachers yesterday. Both were very excited. It did not take them long to crack off their shy shells and get into the swing of things. They took the opportunity to explore and both found some familiarities and a place to call their own. I think they are both extremely excited. If bedtime last night was any indication of their excitement, I can tell you that there will be nothing holding them back this morning. They were riddled with giggles and bursting with crazy energy. I just hope they were able to fall asleep.

Here's to, yet, another new beginning of purpose.

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