Thursday, August 21, 2008

The first day of school - in review

The first day of school has come and gone. I can't tell you how happy both Sydney and Graham are. Sydney seemed to fall immediately back into routine and has already made some great new friends. From the minute she walked into the door she was ready to go. Here is a picture from her first few minutes of first grade.

You may be wondering what is going on. Well, I will catch you up. You see, outside on the board there are a bunch of sticky notes. The sticky notes list various things that parents can buy or do to help out the class. These items run from bringing snacks to buying supplies and such for the class. Well, Lynley (Yes, Lynley) decided it would be a dandy idea if we bought the class pet - a frog. So, if you look closely in this picture you will see a small round green terrarium to their right. Inside this little froggy wonderland is one happy oriental fire-bellied toad. This picture also captures the moment that Mrs. Rogers realizes that frogs and toads are fed live crickets. In the interim the toad is named speckles, Sydney is freckles, and Mrs. Rogers is wishing she picked a different class pet.

Graham had a great first day too. This entry would not be complete without a picture of him from his first few moments as well. You will have to bear with the quality of the photo. I was clearly quaking from the loss of my second child to "big boy" school.

I think you get the idea, however. Graham is on the right and Mrs. Peterson is in the middle. I am yet to meet Graham's new friend. Graham transitioned fairly well into the class. From what I understand he only had one OCD moment. Apparently he claimed one of the chairs as his own and had to come to terms with someone else sitting in what he believed to be his chair.

This will be good for him.

Well, I had best be off. It becomes boring when I tell you over and over again how busy I feel. I love it but there is just so much to do. In November alone I have 5 neuroblastoma events that I am heavily involved in and a mountain of meetings.

My purpose is at full throttle.

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