Monday, August 4, 2008

A busy day before scans

Good morning! It was another busy weekend around the Dungan household. On Saturday I spent most of the day in Graham, Texas at the Cowboyin' for the Cure event. I had a great time. I must admit. I had never seen mounted shooting before. It was loud but still quite a treat. Essentially contestants rode up and down the arena between pylons with balloons on top. The major difference being that every time they passed a balloon they pulled out a gun and shot the balloon. Outside of the fact that this has a bit of overkill to pop a balloon it was pretty interesting to watch. And this was a fundraiser? Only in Texas! But, I can tell you, the only laughing was on the way to the bank. This "little" fundraiser had raised about $20,000 by the time I had to leave and there were still a mountain activities left including mutton busting, a ranch rodeo and an auction. They had set a goal of about $50,000.00 for neuroblastoma research and they were well on their way. I was blown away (pun intended.)

Sunday was a much more casual day around the Dungan household. It was 107 degrees outside so we did everything we could to stay cool. Some of that included shopping as we are getting ready for our vacation on Thursday morning. That, of course, is assuming that everything goes well tomorrow with Sydney's MRI and bone scan. Well, of course, well is a relative term. I have yet to really talk to Lynley about what she expects from the scans. I can tell you from my perspective that I would love everything to be completely resolved in her right arm. However, I know that is incredibly unlikely. This comes down to the simple fact that we still do not know what it is. We just know that it is probably not injury and not infection. Given that it is neither one of those and we have not done anything to rectify the situation, I can only imagine that it will be about the same or worse. For us, the question of "How much worse is okay?" is the question. At this point, I think we would be happy if the condition has not spread to other bones or areas. That would signify a malignant process. We are looking for something just slightly bigger. Maybe we are hoping that it is just big enough to be able to tell that it is something other than cancer. I am still holding out for a nice benign bone tumor of some sort. The good news is that Sydney is still asymptomatic. She is happy and having a great summer. That gives us hope that this may in fact not be our worst nightmare.

Well, I had best be off. Just because I am going on vacation does not mean that I have any less work or purpose. There is much on the horizon.

Another full day of purpose lies ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Mark you continue to amaze me with your calm demeanor while balancing all the treatment options out there for our kids. I was shocked to read that there is an issue with the right arm...I did not recall reading this finding and am praying that you can get a "nice, clean, no cancer answer". We too have been underwhelmed with the past few scans without the favored "no evidence of NB". too much murky could be's and most likely's to suit my taste. We are headed to Sloan next week for the hellish scan week. Sending your family the best. Have a great vacation!!!