Friday, August 15, 2008

Home again, home again.

Good morning. Well, guess where we are are. Believe it or not we are back home in Texas. However, our car, Lynley's beloved suburban Helga, is still back in Alabama. On Wednesday morning amidst a trip to Birmingham to visit the zoo, I received a call from Ryan at the Chevrolet Dealership. Among other things, Helga needed a new rear axle. Our warranty company insisted that we use one of their used parts. The good news was that this "used" axle only had about 10 miles on it. The bad news was that it would not arrive until atleast a week later that the part would arrive. Already one hour into our trip to Birmingham we elected to continue on our way the zoo while we schemed and planned a way to get back home. It takes quite a lot to ruffle our feathers and there was no stopping us. I wanted to see the monkeys. I have a theory that my kiddos must be direct descendants of them and it had to be proven.

Which one doesn't belong?

The zoo was a blast. I have nothing but positive things to say about that zoo. If we lived in Birmingham (which we would love to do) we would be their weekly. By the way, the train rides are worth every penny. We had a great time and the kids will remember it for years to come. As is usual for us, we just had fun trying to keep up with our mischievous twerps. We rode the carousel, dug up dinosaur fossils. and visited with most of the animals.

Well as with any trip it is always good to get back home in our own bed. We are thankful that Lynley's parents lent us a car for the ride home and that we made it here safely.

Thanks Fowlers!

It is back to our wonderful grind. I am rejuvenated. I am ready to make a difference.

My purpii are back from vacation.

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