Thursday, August 28, 2008

It is too darn quiet

Good morning! Here we are, almost a week into the school year, and I still can not believe that summer is over. It just isn't right. I am not yet to give up the care free summer with the kiddos. They didn't get bored enough. I did not get stir crazy enough. What good is a summer if your not ready to put them back in school by the end of it?

This summer was special. You see, I work primarily from home. I could go into an office but I really do enjoy being at home. During this summer the kiddos were also at our house. For the last couple of summers they had always spent the summer in day care. So, this was new - and special. I got used to hiding in the closet when I was on the phone so that you couldn't hear the kiddos in the background. I got used to being gang hugged every time I went downstairs for a cup of coffee. (By the way, this should be instituted around every office coffee pot in America. When your stressed out and getting that cup of coffee there is nothing like a hug. It really takes a whole bite out of the serious stress of work. It gives you perspective.)

The kiddos always knew that upstairs was off limits. That was where I worked. However, once a day, one of them always found a way to sneak upstairs to give me a hug or a snuggle at some point. Although there were many times when they interrupted a very busy time it always felt good to steal away for a 20 second cuddle or a kiss on the forehead. On slower days I could even go downstairs for a few minutes on break to either play with them or, what has become our favorite, to do magic tricks for them.

In all, I don't think I really saw them for more than about 10 minutes in any given workday but I am sure going to miss it. If you can not tell, I am really, really not ready for them to be gone. It wasn't perfect but now it just seems a little quiet and empty.

I will have to get used to not having my purpii around.

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