Friday, August 1, 2008

Day in the life of a dad with issues.

Good morning! It has already been an extremely busy morning however, at this point, I guess that really does not come as much of a surprise. I am happy to report that the kiddos all seem to be in fine working order. Last night they spent some quality time in the pool with Mom and splashing me with water. I, on the other hand, was the nerd sitting in the lawn chair next to the pool with my head in the research books. Generally, I am usually pretty good at dropping my focus on work related issues - enough to drop everything and jump in the pool to splash around. In fact, I pride myself on that. However, with scans on the horizon next week and a Griswald (I mean Dungan) family vacation following at a short clip behind, I feel further behind than ever. Plus, I was reading some very, very cool stuff and the kids needed some Mommy alone time (my excuse anyway.) I know you keep hearing me say that there is a lot going on in the neuroblastoma world. Well there is. You have no idea. It is such an incredibly exciting time. Here is the short list from my day. It was a slow one. I only worked on no less than 7 separate neuroblastoma events. Here we go (this should be fun):
  • Work on Art Exhibition marketing materials - fail miserably.
  • Gather and print research on liposomal and lipoprotein drug carrier formulations.
  • Toner ran out on printer - damn. Go to Office Depot. (For the record. I hate Office Depot.)
  • Finish printing research.
  • Research MIBG study eligibility criteria.
  • Drive to Cook's and talk to two families in transit about treatment options.
  • Drop off research at Cook's.
  • Drive to GCG to work on Neuroblastoma Art Exhibition marketing materials.
  • Go to office to pick up Lunch for Life materials to be shipped out. (Darn forgot to mail them.)
  • Drive to Geno Loro's studio to pick up conference photography and meet regarding Art Exhibition.
  • Drive home to see kids at lunch. (get home just in time to put Ainsley and Graham down for naps.)
  • Bid on neuroblastoma guitar auction on EBay while shoveling hot dogs and carrots down my gullet. Yum?!?
  • Email family regarding vaccine trials in Houston.
  • Email family regarding antibody questions.
  • Review Marketing materials and comment.
  • Change online donation process for CNCF website to include acknowledgements.
  • Communicate and add website information regarding other Art Neuroblastoma Event in Los Angeles.
  • Talk to Leslie at Cook's regarding Neuroblastoma Program.
  • Talk to Andy at UNTHSC regarding Neuroblastoma Grand Rounds.
  • Talk to Athena and begin work on setting up CNCF chapter in Houston.
  • Edit and Review marketing materials again.
  • Finish researching liposomal formulations - poolside yeah.
  • Learn liposome technology well enough that I can now teach Sydney and she understands it. (She likes the idea by the way)
  • Begin drafting emails to necessary parties to hopefully move research forward.
  • Dry kids with beach towel.

Wow, what a day. See, I told you. Good things are happening. We are making progress.

A complete day of purpose. I just hope that today I am smart enough to put down work to swim with my purpii.

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