Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hidden Disease

There is something lurking amongst us. I had noticed over the last day or so that Sydney was extremely lethargic. She did not wake up yesterday morning until well after 8:00 AM. That is unusual for her. Although she is always my latest sleeper it is very strange to see her snooze past about 7:15. Throughout the day she was pretty argumentative. Her listener, the magical device that makes kids listen when their mom or dad tells them to do something, was broken and she had a tough time following even the simplest requests. Hearing from the roars downstairs as I worked, it was also clear that she was not coping very well. I suspected some kind of sickness.

Kids are kind of like cars. Although they don't have a dipstick, they often act like one and that is a pretty clear indication that they are not feeling quite up to par. This is Sydney's true tell sign. She becomes argumentative and has difficulty coping. By early afternoon she was truly out of sorts and had added significant lethargy to her repertoire of sickness showing signs.

With the other two kiddos acting just as normal as ever I was becoming a little worried if I am being honest. She had no normal outward signs of sickness - no cough, no sniffles. It was worrisome. Those things I can put a finger on. It is those hidden sicknesses that I worry about. I have to admit that I was beginning to have thoughts about neuroblastoma. What can I say? It is the world we live in. It is what we have come to expect when we can't put our finger on the answer.

In the middle of the night we had several visits to our bed. Although Sydney ended up in our bed next to me, she was not the only one. This morning I woke to hearing Ainsley crying in the hallway. She felt like she was going to throw up. This probably sounds horrible, but I have never been more relieved. Neuroblastoma rarely travels in packs.

I am sorry for Ainsley, though. In fact, I just had to put down the pencil and paper down as she threw up. I had better get to Daddying.

I have a full day of purpose ahead.


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