Friday, July 11, 2008

Another magical day

Guess what, guess what, guess what? Sydney comes home today! I can't wait. At 11:00 AM I will be able to wrap my arms around her again. I have missed her terribly and I have stacks of twerp hugs and kisses awaiting her. Also, I just can't wait to hear the details. I think the thing I am looking forward to most is seeing that look of pride in her eyes when she talks to Graham and Ainsley. She is the big sister and this was a big first. She will be proud and I am quite sure it will be an incredible reunion.

On another note, things seem to be status quo around here. A still have a hairless twerp and a spunky twerp. Yesterday after naps and an afternoon swim Graham, Ainsley, and I headed out to the magic shop. We were preparing for a trip up to the hospital to see Hayden. Hayden is up at Cook's for his stem cell collection. Weeks ago when I was talking with the kiddos about what they would like to do for Hayden while he was in the hospital, they all said magic tricks. So, before we go up to the hospital to see Hayden we stop by the magic store to pick up a little magic of our own. The tricks we do are simple but I think effective. You would be amazed at how well a 4 year old and a 7 year master magic when it comes to slight of hand. Ainsley, on the other hand, has no interest in magic but is quite happy with being the lovely assistant that steals the show. Anyway, I usually get 3 magic tricks - one amazing adult trick which I do not show anyone how the magic takes place and two tricks that the kids can pull off. One trick is for my kiddos to keep and the other is for them to teach to and give Hayden. This is fun and a great activity. The kids absolutely love magic but it also helps them develop some all important hand coordination. If you are ever visiting a child in the hospital I highly suggest stopping by a magic store. It is great entertainment and everyone, especially them, needs to believe that a little magic exists.

Unfortunately, by the time we made it to the hospital Hayden was asleep. We will stop by and try to see him again today before we pick up Sydney.

Pride and magic - two important ingredients in purpose.


AJay Piniewski said...


46 kids. Happy, healthy, athletic, having fun, goofing around, innocent. That's the number of kids who will be diagnosed with cancer today.

And tomorrow. And the day after. All through next week. All month. All year. Ad infinitum. Until we stop it.

Think of 46 again, totally randomly, 7 kids;, black, white, orange, yellow, brown, green, 2 days old, 20 years old, it don't matter. That's the number of kids who will die from cancer today.

And tomorrow. And the day after. All through next week. All month. All year. Ad infinitum. Until we stop it.

When you read the stats, when you see the numbers, NEVER EVER forget that those numbers have NAMES...faces full of love, Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, friends and families, hopes and dreams.......futures.

AJs Dad
Stop Childhood Cancer the #1 Killer Disease of our Kids

Christy said...

Does Hayden have a website where we can read about his journey and leave him well wishes?

linlassie said...

I think it is "magic" that Hayden and his family have you all in their lives.

Who else but you and your family can truly understand what is going on in their's.

Keep up the great work, as I said to a friend the other day.
There are those who talk about making a difference and then there are those who execute making a difference. I firmly believe you and your family are making a huge difference in the world of childhood cancer.