Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1 shy of chaos

Good morning! I am actually sitting here typing next to the pool this morning. My blushing bride snatched my favorite spot on the couch and is snoozing away. I can only assume that she had a miserable night. I am quite comfortable here but I must admit that it is a little difficult to write here in the dark. For this reason, I had to postpone my diary entry until sun up.

All is well at the Dungan household. Of course, we miss our precious twerp leader but we know that she will be home soon - only two more sleeps. The others continue on. Both Graham and Ainsley had a superb day full of swimming and playing at the park. They are slowly beginning to adjust to their cluelessness in Sydney's absence. They are becoming much closer and, although still fighting like cats and dogs, seem to be enjoying each other's company when not in fisticuffs.

Lynley drug out her birthday celebration to yet another evening. Last night we went out with two of our close friends. Ordinarily we go out just as adults but due to a lack of willing martyrs we brought the kiddos along. They had a great time at dinner but felt less enthusiastic when the big girls decided to go clothing shopping. Here we were, two grown men carefully watching Ainsley and Graham to prevent any type of lawsuit from the store as the two girls frolicked through the rods of clothes. It was borderline abusive to my manhood but I managed.

Well, as you can see, nothing too much to report on the Dungan forefront. I know, it seems somewhat boring without the twerp princess. Soon we will have her back stirring things up again. I also have some big news to share in the very near future.

With hope and purpose.

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