Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Texican Hairless Twerp

A happy good morning to you. You may have remembered that yesterday I told you things were a little quiet around here without Sydney. Well, that did not last long and boy do I have a surprise for you. It goes back to last weekend. You see, we were double booked on Saturday night. For quite awhile we had planned to attend the Robertson's son Preston's birthday extravaganza. I don't want to brag about ourselves too much but we were even invited to the after party. The Robertson's are like family. It was an important occasion for us.
The problem was that at the last minute we also found out that Hayden (Graham's friend with neuroblastoma) was also having a head shaving party. We explained the concept to Graham. At the time he was very upset that we could not go to Hayden's for the head shaving party but was also not too disappointed with the idea that he would get to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. We promised him that we would let him shave his head for Hayden another time if he truly wanted to.

Everyday since, several times a day, Graham has asked when we were going to shave his head for Hayden. Due to some logistical problems it just never worked out on Monday or Tuesday. But, yesterday afternoon, me with my clippers and Graham with a smile, we got after it.

It did not take long and before you knew it we had our very own Texican Hairless Twerp.

Purpose apparently also comes in a hairless variety.

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Anonymous said...

Graham is an awesome friend to support Hayden in such a way. Your family is blessed with good kids... probably a result of good parenting.