Monday, July 14, 2008

Return of the Twerp Leader

She's back! And, she is in one whole delightful piece. I can also tell you that she had an incredible time. What I can't tell you is too many details. This experience brings back memories of years ago when she went to the single day camps. We would never really know what transpired and we simply took to making up our own versions of what happened until we could get some input from the adults on the trip. This time was better, though. We know that she got to go on a zip line, that she rode horses, she swam, she made a ton of new friends and, most of all, that she had a tremendous time. To be honest, she really did not want to come home. If you ask me, that is the definition of fun. At first, we were a little sad that she didn't miss us but later she did fess up that she spent some time that first evening shedding tears. In the end, I am happy to report that she seemed to have a great time and somewhat proud to know that she was responsible enough to change her underwear everyday.

The twerp gallery was especially glad to see the return of their leader. I have never seen Graham or Ainsley hug her harder. It was not long before they were back under her spell and doing everything she asked. They spent much of Friday and the weekend following her around like a gaggle of puppy dogs. Twerp heaven.

This weekend brought yet another first for Sydney. Jillian, her best friend in the world, spent the night. It made for a jam packed weekend as Lynley also had me painting like a madman for an upcoming family reunion at our house. Regardless, the girls had a great time. There was swimming, playing in the playroom, a trip to a birthday party, dinner at Japanese Steakhouse, a complete breakfast of eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls, more swimming, and even a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens. I well tell you with all due seriousness, when I die, I want to come back as a little girl in this household.

Well, there you have it. An update from a very complete weekend. Now comes the rush to get ready for the neuroblastoma conference. It starts on Thursday. And, if I remember correctly, I owe everyone an announcement. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

With hope and purpose.

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connie villiers furze said...

Can't wait for that happy announcement!
It is so nice to read everything you always write. So many other moms and dads going through this, also express themselves in such an incredible way. How much I learn from you all!... Especially not having a child with cancer, it gives me and my husband and children such perspective....
I was thinking ....Have you ever contemplated writing a book? Not only as a diary, but as a helpful tool. There is so much info on everything about neuroblastoma. Recently, a friend from my daughter's field hockey team, had a brother with some type of cancer, that they could not get what it was. And I was the one that told them about Neuroblastoma just by reading your info, and other parent's websites. And it was Neuroblastoma. They where able to tell the Dr about everything I read here. So, this parents, as you might very well know, are going through that time, when everything is so difficult to grasp. And I was thinking, how much easier for me it would be to be able to hand them a book, with all your diary, data, just the way you wrote everything since the begining. With the giving tree, the enormous selection of information. It is not easy to call them and tell them to go to your Blog Diary, they might or might not choose to do it. But a book, is there at all times, and they could go through the pages at their own pace. And of course, money could go to research!!!
Sorry about my English, my language is Spanish....
And thank you for doing what you are doing, other than raising a family, It has been a pleasure to read your Journey and see a part of this adorable children's life. And you family.
Connie Villiers-Furze- Hollywood, Florida.