Monday, July 28, 2008

Twerp Reunion

Wow, I am still recovering from the family reunion. We had an incredible time. The kiddos are still reeling as well. In fact, they are flat out in shock. They had no idea they had such a big family. The first night we stopped by the hotel where all of the family was staying to say hello, I clearly remember getting back in the car and hearing things like "Wow, are they all our family?", "Are they all our brothers and sisters?", and "Wow, do they all live there?"

On Saturday afternoon the festivities were at our house. For one of our family reunions the numbers were somewhat small. There were only about 30 or 40 of us. It was sad that so many could not make it. On the other hand, they were all probably smart enough to know how hot it was going to be. Yes, there is apparently a smarter bloodline that is coursing through their veins. Regardless, we all had a great time. The youngest generation of kiddos had a fabulous time. They spent time playing in the playroom, swimming in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swing set, sucking down Popsicles, and there were even a few that followed me around as we performed magic tricks. It was a blast.

No Dungan reunion would be complete with out 12 decks of cards. That has indeed the case with this group. There were hours of gin, cribbage, and backgammon. Then, of course, each night ended with high stakes gambling crowded around the biggest table we could find for hours of black jack. Yep, Dungans, at least it kept us off of the streets.

I was really proud of Sydney, Graham, and Ainsley. I was very impressed with their manners and good spirits. Maybe it was that I wasn't playing as close attention because I raced to spend as much time as I could with everyone who attended. But, I never really noticed them being anything but perfect little twerps. That was a big challenge because twerptations were in abundance and there were many opportunities for drama. Nope, my kiddos just kept hanging on to their sanity. Most importantly they also had one heck of a time and were truly saddened to see everyone go. They are already making plans to see a few of them in the weeks to come.

Well, I had best be off. A mountain of email awaits.

And, I have purpii to attend to.

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