Tuesday, July 31, 2007

6:20 AM 7/31/2007

Yesterday another angel gained his wings. Nathan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just two months before Sydney in April of 2003. His mom has been on the list serv that I participate on for nearly as long. Although Nathan was treated at Sloan Kettering we never had the opportunity to meet in person but it feels as though they half been life long friends. Over time, these families feel like they have become my own. I read so many of their sites daily and often we parents correspond. You learn the children's likes and dislikes and share the experiences of the all the ups and downs. It feels like losing a close friend and there have been so many lately.

I find myself thinking back on all of those that I know and have known and it becomes increasingly clear that we are still very clearly losing this battle. Nathan is one of the few old friends that we had left. I pray that his family finds strength for today I feel like a have none. Today I feel like I lost another little piece of me.

I will squeeze my purpose a little tighter today.

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