Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5:20 AM 7/17/2007

Today Lynley and I will be traveling to Waco for Paul's funeral. It is a bit of a drive but one we would not miss for the world. For Sydney, Graham, and Ainsley it will be a normal day of school. The kids are doing well although Sydney continues to look like she has been through the torture chamber. I am continually amazed by the battle scars and bug bites that appear on her body on a daily basis. She is literally covered from head to toe. It does not seem to matter how much or what kind of bug spray that we put on her but she is always covered in bites. She must be quite the delicacy for a mosquito. Avon Skin So Soft seems to work the best at keeping the mosquitoes at bay but nothing seems to have the permanence that she needs. The scary part is the she has a small bump on her head. It is about the size of a bug bite, much smaller than a dime, but we aren't quite sure what it is. That is always an alarming thing for a parent of a child that has neuroblastoma. Tumor's can often form on the skull. This, we are hoping, is much too small and much too like a bug bite. However, in light of all of the bad news we have had lately we just can never be sure. For the time being we are just going to pray that it is nothing and hopefully it will go away like the others eventually do.

Well I had best be off. A good portion of our day will be spent driving today and I need to get as much done as possible before. If you have never prayed for a bug bite before this might be a great time to try one out.

With hope and purpose.

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