Friday, July 13, 2007

5:02 AM 7/13/2007

Good Morning! I am finally starting to recover and it is nice. Yesterday was the first day in as long as I can remember which was not jam packed with meetings and rushing from one place to another. The kids were all back in school and life was once again back to a state of normalcy. It was a typical day. It was perfect. I worked most of the day from home and picked up the kids from school as usual. It was completely mundane. We went from the school to the bank and from the bank to the grocery store. After some serious domestic errand running we made our way home. For the next few hours we spent our time playing in the pool. The kiddos had a great time. I am amazed at how well Graham and Sydney are swimming. Sydney has gone from a fledgling doggy paddler to diving for rings in the bottom of the pool in just a few short months. Graham on the other hand is still kept a float by a buoyant bathing suit but is showing all of the signs of being able to swim on his own. He is quite comfortable scooting across the top of the water with his goggles and snorkel. He has no fear of stopping to dive down into the water and loves to be tossed through the air. Ainsley on the other hand is becoming more and more comfortable with the water everyday but is still a bit anxious and chooses to hang on to the side of the pool or on one of us. Regardless, we had a great time in the pool.

I neglected to mention that Sydney went to the clinic early on Tuesday morning. She was due for her quarterly bloodletting for the vaccine trial. As a side note Lynley mentioned to one of the doctors there that I was interested in putting Sydney back on Accutane on a modified schedule. The next thing I knew we had our iPledge booklet and a script for our first 14 day round of Accutane. I really wish they had put up at least a little fight but I think we all have a pretty clear picture of what we are dealing with. Regardless, we will be starting her on it again pretty soon. I have to brush up on all of my Accutane administration notes - let's see, Aquafor on the cheeks, vitamin E oil on the lips, what blood tests did I need again. Oh well, it will come back to me soon enough.

Well there you have it. The Simple Life Dungan style.

It is an old twist on purpose.

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