Thursday, July 19, 2007

6:06 7/19/2007

I slept completely and fully. You must know that it means that there weren't little neuroblastoma tumors dancing through my head. Sydney's bump on her head has almost completely resolved. In fact, it has cleared so well that I am not even sure that I can still detect it. It is a tremendous sense of relief. I have no qualms about telling you, I was scared out of my gourd. As the time was going on I was becoming more and more worried. I am still amazed that it resolved so quickly but I am completely thankful.

For a moment I can breath deeply and fully. I think I will enjoy it -

With hope and Purpose!

6:31 AM 7/20/2007

Good Morning! Two nights of fully rested sleep in a row. I can't tell you how great that feels. Last night we had the Robertson's over for dinner. I know, I know what you are thinking. What kind of nasty little moves did Truman put on Syndey. What type of juvenile love transpired? Well, believe it or not, last night's soap opera was much more about canine love. You see, the Robertson's are getting ready for yet another grandiose trip to Walt Disney World and Lynley thought it would be a good idea for us to take care of Cleo, their neurotic standard poodle. Last night was a walk through to make sure that Hogan, our idiotic Golden Retriever, and Cleo would get along. As you can probably tell I wasn't to excited about the idea but, heck, I am always up for a free dinner and that was the cost of my week of torture.

As it turns out Hogan took quite a liking to Cleo and they had a blast running around the yard. We were all amazed at Hogan's ability to keep his nose where it did not belong even at a full gallop. I know, disgusting! But still, very impressive! Other than a few missteps into the pool the dogs had a great time and much to my dismay it became quite clear that they would have a good time together over the next week.

The kids too had a blast. After dinner we all made our way back out onto the porch. The kids stripped down and made a beeline for the pool. For the next hour the parents sat around the pool and chatted while the kids played in the water. Sydney followed Truman around like a little puppy dog. It was almost as disgusting as the scene that we had viewed earlier - at least to me. It is clear that Sydney has not lost her fancy for Truman. Thankfully the boy has grown a bit older. He is too young to appreciate girls and too old to find much interest in someone a few years his junior. At least I had that going for me. Regardless, I still had to sit through and listen as she crooned "Truman" following him around the pool. It was an awful display of crushdom. Finally, however, the evening came to an end.

Oh joy, I had the opportunity to watch my dog sniff after one Robertson and my daughter salivate after another. Just think, I get to watch this behavior for the next week. At least, my daughter will be safe from Truman's lecherous non chalance.

Fine! I admit it. I had fun.

My purpii bring me joy.

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