Tuesday, July 24, 2007

5:41 AM 7/24/2007

Good Morning! Well, yesterday Graham woke up still complaining of his tooth hurting but incredibly excited to go to the dentist to get a new toothbrush - ah, simple pleasures. I took the kiddos to school and about the time that I got back to the office I received a message from Lynley stating that Graham had an appointment at 10:00 AM. It was not long before I was back on the road again to pick up the little dudester. Graham was truly excited when I picked him up. If I did not know better I would think that the child did not get out very much but, none the less, he could not wait to go to see the dentist. We hopped into the car and arrived at our destination within minutes. It was not long before Mommy joined us in the waiting room. Graham was soaking it up. Here, he had his Mommy and Daddy all to himself and he was getting ready to see the dentist. What could be better? Even Santa Claus he had to share but this, this, was his moment.

Graham did very well back in the examination room. He watched his mother and I play video games (trying to gain his interest) and he even got to have his very own x-ray. I reviewed the x-ray and as usual I saw signs of neuroblastoma all over it. Of course anytime I look at an x-ray, ct, MRI, MIBG, smudges on the wall, or spots on the floor I see neuroblastoma so it really did not mean very much. The good news was that the dentist actually had some experience looking at an x-ray and she found it to be completely normal - nothing broken! She did do some pushing and pulling on his teeth and she even took a gander up at the roof of his mouth. There is some trauma right behind his upper front teeth which occurred from his fall. He will be sore for a little while. The good news is that the tooth has tightened up and it looks to be okay. We will keep an eye on it at each checkup but she seems to think he will survive. If the tooth and nerve did in fact experience enough trauma to die we will see it over time. His tooth will slowly turn darker. As long as it does not abscess it looks like he will keep it. The good news is that none of this is likely to happen. In the end, Graham got his toothbrush and some quality one on two time with Mommy and Daddy. I think this goes down as a good day in his book.

Sydney had a good day as well. She has not mentioned hip pain in about 48 hours and that is making us all feel a little bit better. It looks like our next round of Accutane is in our very near future.

Today my purpose is safe.

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