Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures! Really...

The kiddos survived the first day of school. In fact, I think it went very well. Graham and Sydney slipped right back into routine. Ainsley, however, was visibly nervous about the new school year and her new surroundings. Frankly, that is probably best for her. Keeping her off kilter is the only way I have found to stay a step ahead of her. Perhaps that will buy Mrs. Lewis a week or so to establish herself as class chieftain before Ainsley gets her class legs.

What would be a first day of school without some pictures. Haven't seen the kids lately? Here they are in their first day of school best.

The only other dramatics for the day surrounded around a trip to see Dr. Debbie. Sydney has been complaining of some pain behind her ear and we felt it was time to get it sorted out. Furthermore, we are about the only people in the world with the luxury (and toxicity) of following her sinuses with a CT scan. Every six months we get a great view of her jam packed sinuses. Once again, we will be putting up a united front to try and get ahead of the snot. We will start off with some antibiotics to get on top of the infection and then follow that with a 3 drug combination to try and defeat the boogers, once and for all.

Well I had best be off. As you can tell from my rant yesterday this is another half day for the kiddos (and me) , so I had best be focusing on my purpii.

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They are so precious!!!