Thursday, August 19, 2010

Altered Reality

Yesterday was the first full day of school. Yes, I said full day of school. Working from my home office, it was a stark contrast from what I was used to. I must admit, although I love the fact that I can work from home and have the kids close by all summer, my stress level was greatly reduced. No longer did I constantly mute my phone to try to hide the sound of shrieking rugrats in the background during conference calls and research meetings. No longer did I have to stop what I was working on to find out what weapon the twerplets were using to terrorize the nanny. On particularly intense days, no longer did I have to close my door (and lock it occasionally) to keep the constant barrage of questions and tattle-tailing from disturbing my concentration.

Yep, yesterday was a totally boring day of work.

You might think that I was incredibly productive yesterday. You would be wrong. Somehow, my intense focus has been altered. Now I can only focus when there is screaming, yelling, and interruption. Without them, my mind seems to exist in a fog. I can't concentrate with all of this quietness. I spent the entire day working at half speed and my brain felt like mush. Without being able to focus on concentrating with all of the noise, my mind just wandered off.


The good news is that the kids did not seem to be negatively affected by our separation. I can not figure out how it occurred but, somehow, Ainsley came home with the holy grail of excellent behavior, the coveted blue sticker. This was only the first full day of school.

How did that happen?

Clearly, the kids returning to school has caused some kind of massive paradigm shift in the universe. All of a sudden everyone is traveling on some kind of altered reality and it was all caused by my kids going back to school. We have entered opposite world.

I hope this doesn't affect my purpose.

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