Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to normal - well our normal,,,

It has been another busy couple of days since the Keister Calamity of 2010. However, I am happy to report that Lynley's hiney appears to have returned to it's former glory. Her winces from my love pats are no longer a direct result of pain and are, once again, from annoyance. In an effort to salvage my marriage and the happiness that once existed before I started on the tushy topic there will be no further discussion. She will no longer be the butt of my jokes.

On to life...

Last weekend was a fairly normal one, although Lynley kept a steady stream of chores flowing for the grown ups. This, of course, left me playing with the kiddos. ;) I wish! Unfortunately, there was furniture refinishing, kitchen recaulking, and the usual slew of cleaning and laundary.

The rugratigans spent the majority of the weekend in the pool and enjoying water sports. This was a nice departure from their usual couch sitting and wii playing existence. Strangely enough Ainsley spent the majority of the weekend as the odd man out. It seems that Graham and Sydney have ostracized Ainsley for as long as she continues to be abusive. It seems as though they have had enough of the punches, kicks, and slaps. I don't blame them really and perhaps this might help solidify the family's stance on non violence. Maybe, just maybe, this might be what turns the tide. Ainsley does not like the fact that she is not the center of Sydney's attention. This could definitely be the motivating factor behind a kinder, gentler version of Ainsley.

Somehow, I doubt it though...

Regardless, today marks the beginning of their last week of summer. Next week will bring another new year of school so we will see how much new fun we can reign in over the next few days.

This week is about end of summer purpose.

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