Thursday, August 12, 2010

End of Summer - in a flash

And so begins the final countdown...

Friday marks the last official weekday of summer for the kiddos. Other than the fact that we visited the school yesterday to see who was going to be in their classes, I don't think it has really sunk in that the end of summer has arrived. That is probably a good thing as it will be over even before they know it. In fact, with everything that is planned over the next few days, I am guessing that it will just be a blur.

Tonight we have Parent Orientation. This is the fun little beginning of the year meeting in which we get buried with everything you need to know about our children going to SCS. This is also a pretty good wallet emptying experience as we also get to sign up for (and pay for) all of the little extras. You know - after care, spirit shirts, meal cards, PTO, Booster Club, etc... (Of course, I would not neglect to mention that there are still a few advertising spaces left on the kid's backpacks;)

Tomorrow is all about the kids. It is their opportunity to meet the teacher and get an idea of what their classrooms will look like. Ainsley already has a pretty good idea as she has been placed in Mrs. Lewis' class which has a rich history of Dungan Twerpdom. (Poor Mrs. Lewis) But, the other two will likely be a little nervous as it will be the first meeting with their teachers. For them, it is a significant unknown. Strict or lenient, sweet or harsh, cuddly or cold, easy or hard - the questions are already running through their heads.

Almost as soon as they get a mental picture of life at school for the next year, they will be mentally preparing for a Tae Kwon Do tournament early Saturday morning at the Dallas Convention Center. Yep, it's the Texas Throwdown. It will be a full day as both Lynley and I have also volunteered at the tournament.

Quickly, Sunday will arrive. Normally this day would be relegated to chores but I am thinking we may put a little of that off to truly enjoy our last day of summer in the pool with the kiddos.

You see. I told you it was jam packed.

Well, speaking of which, I have a meeting planned first thing this morning and have to get ready. The kiddos are already rustling. In fact, the Grahamster was already wrestled control of the remote and is watching the Disney Channel beside me on the couch.

Let the purpose begin.

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