Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fight the power

I just don't think that it is right that I should get in trouble for what I write in my diary. Never-the-less, I am in the dog house. Apparently, some of my diary snoopers thought it would be a great idea to suggest to Lynley that the addition of another little boy Dunganlet would solve all of our issues with Graham. Supposedly this would balance the testosterone levels within our household and re right the power.

Well , what many of you failed to consider in your effort to help our family was that Lynley is apposed to more children - violently.

In fact, in her words, "she is soooooooo done."

I then received a half hour lecture on the fact that I am not supposed to write things in my diary which will get her accosted in the halls and via email to produce more offspring.

You see now why Graham has no chance.

And neither do I.

This is why us boys need so much dang purpose.

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