Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wall Sits - the ultimate in twerp behavior modification

Good morning! Well the Dungan's have successfully slipped back into the reality of regular school. After a week of standardized testing and a weekend full of tomfoolery, I had my doubts. Somewhat surprisingly they are not fighting amongst each other. In fact, yesterday, they were down right cordial. It is amazing how effective group punishment works. If one of them fights, we punish them all.

Yes, that is our favorite punishment, wall sits, good for both correcting behavior quickly and Tae Kwon Do fitness.

It does not take too long before they learn how to work with each other to solve their problems. The tattle tailing quickly subsides and, all of a sudden, we have conscientious and well-behaved children.

It is a fine line, though. If we give them too much power of collusion they could rise up and overthrow the parental dictatorship. For now though, it is working effectively both at curbing fighting and preparing them for this weekend's upcoming USA Tae Kwon Do National Qualifier.

Sometimes purpose also comes in the form of punishment.

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