Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Ainsley

Today Ainsley turns five years old. Now, for normal kids, it is simply another nice birthday. For Ainsley, however, this is a huge milestone. The fact, that she survived another year, is simply astounding. Sure, she made it through the year needing some extra additions - some staples on her noggin for example - but she did make it through fearlessly. Daily she continually amazes me with the things she will do. She is carefree and boundless and I only wish I could see life through her eyes.

I have received several messages this week asking how she was doing after her little head injury. Let's see, later that day she was back on a swing. It was not 24 hours after the incident that she was already trying to climb trees. 2 days after the episode I had to stop she and one of her "boyfriends" from giving each other a noogie contest. In short, it hasn't slowed her down one bit. It does seem, however, that several times daily I find myself saying "Stop doing that Ainsley. You have staples in your head" I feel that I need to remind her. Clearly, the rest of her family are the only ones with concern. She certainly does not seem to be bothered by it. She is "staple head girl" hear her roar.

So, in short, I guess you can say that Ainsley is just fine.

Some how.

And now we are back to the reality that some how she made it another year. I might also point out that she did so without any jail time, trips to the police station, or loss of teeth. In fact, she was my only child that made it through and entire year without even a single yellow sticker at school. Yes, she had perfect behavior - all year, every day. Who could have possibly predicted that? Double Wow!

Like I said. It is Ainsley's birthday and she has a lot to celebrate. She did it in style.

Happy Birthday my little fire cracker of purpose.

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