Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick and Decisive Action

I had several emails and phone calls asking about what happened with Sydney on Friday. Thank you for your concern. There is good news to report. Before school, I went in to speak with Mrs. Holder. I did not want to interrupt her from preparing for class but, I did want to let her know that we did get to the bottom of the issue and that we would need to set up some time to talk. She encouraged me to spill the beans right there.

I did.

We talked very quietly and quickly. I explained the sequence of events that had led up to the most recent events. It turns out she was aware of some of the most recent issues but was not aware that this had been going on for so long. She was extremely concerned and encouraged me to bring these issues forward the moment they arose. I explained that we were just as much in the dark until the night before as she. We were aware that there were some problems with this little girl. We just did not realize the extent either.

She thanked me for sharing with her and gave me some assurance that she would watch over the situation. Like everyone one else, I thought about her most of the day. I wondered what would transpire and how it would be handled. When I picked up Sydney from school I was about ready to burst.

Sydney told me that both of them were talked to individually. Sydney told me that Mrs. Holder told her what a wonderful and sweet little girl she was and assured her that she was safe. We do not know what transpired in the discussion with the other little girl but I can tall you that Sydney said the girl was very sweet to her the rest of the day. She also said that she would not come near her at the lunch table. Sydney gave every indication that she felt both safe and secure which is, I guess, about as good as can be done in this situation.

I took a very deep breath.

Now, I don't know what will happen over the next two weeks as we finish out the school year but I have complete faith in Mrs. Holder to handle the situation. She has a ton of experience and seems to have an excellent grasp of exactly what needs to be done for each of her students. I am confident that she will get Sydney through this and she will do so in a way where everyone learns from the situation.

In all, it was a great start to the weekend.

My purpose is safe.

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