Thursday, May 13, 2010

Repeat performance, really?

We are nearing the end of the school year so there are all kinds of ceremonies and events to participate in. Their are a litany of activities planned and a whole host of excuses to be off of work to attend the festivities. Yesterday was the start of these little escapes. Kindergarten Field Day was the adventure du jour. With Lynley and I both having busy schedules, we elected to share in the festivities by performing a choreographed mid morning switcharoo. She attended the morning events and I got the afternoon ones. I must say, I was a bit lucky. With their day ending at approximately 12:15 I had the remainder of the day to focus on some one on one boy stuff. While I was hoping for some meaningful time to be spent together, we were limited. I had a conference call and he had a deep seeded need to watch Scooby Doo. All was not lost though and we were still able to grab a full hour of bonding.

Sydney's Field Day was originally scheduled for today but given the anticipated rain it has been reschedule for next week. This is somewhat disappointing as Lynley could not reschedule. For me, though it was a breath of fresh air during a week that has me filled to the gills as is.

Last night's Tae Kwon Do was a repeat of Monday's team practice. Sydney was fierce. It shocked everyone including the members of the gallery who could be heard chattering about her new attitude. It was great to see. Graham saw an improvement as well but something is still not clicking. As I said we are waiting for the switch to flip in his brain. It could happen any minute (or month). Regardless, we are continuing to work with him hoping to find a way to communicate to him what he needs to do to accomplish his goals.

Well, it is another busy morning and I must be off.

There is a mountain of purpose to climb.

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