Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another day off

Good morning. Well, welcome to the end of the school year where everyday is an excuse to do something outside of the realm of learning that requires your parents to take a day off of work. Did that sound bitter? I don't mean to sound bitter. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I relish the opportunity to spend time with the kiddos. In fact, I can't think of a better example than Graham's field trip to The Ballpark in Arlington. The problem is managing 3 kiddos who each have a series of days like this. It happens all at once and, the next thing we know, during the last couple of weeks of school we have to schedule off roughly 8 days of work. It isn't the fact, that we "have" to spend time with the kids. I love that. It is the pressure of work and not being able to fit it all in.

You know me and Lynley as well, family always comes first (don't tell our bosses.) It becomes significantly harder when we have spans like this. Today is Sydney's Field Day, a day of fun and games up on the field at the upper campus. For Sydney it is great. She gets to run and play with her friends. We get to watch and supervise. The whole thing ends at noon when they will be dismissed. It makes for a fun short day for them but leaves no work time for us. That isn't bad right. Suck it up Mark. But, did I mention that Tuesday I took the day off to spend all day with Graham at the Ballpark. Oh, and on Friday we get to repeat the whole field day process with Ainsley. If that were not enough, next week we have kindergarten graduation, individual awards ceremonies for each class, Ainsley's Birthday party at school, and Graham gets an additional day off from school because he will be a kindergarten graduate.

Wow. Do the math. It does not leave much time for work.

I know I sound whiny. I don't mean to. It is just a very busy couple of weeks professionally and it looks like with all of the school activities I will get to very little of it. On top of all of that, I am receiving nasty grams from my mother-in-law now because I am not writing enough in my diary.

For me this is a mental issue. How do I enjoy all of the time I want to spend with the kids when the pressure of work and the guilt of not being there will be hanging over my head. Am I man enough to handle it?

I sure hope so, otherwise, what is the point of being there.

On another note, my trip to the ballpark with Graham was excellent. We both had a great time. I got to chaperone Graham and his two friends, Hunter and Bryce. Graham had an absolute blast but will also tell you that he did not understand a word the tour guide said. In fact, if you asked him who played in the stadium he may not be able to answer the question. The tour itself was good and very interesting. My little piece of advice though - Don't go on a game day. On game days you don't get the complete tour and you don't get to see some of the best stuff.

Also, Day 3 of bullygate was much better. Lynley wrote Mrs. Holder and the issue has been escalated to the counselor. The issue seems to be that the little girl just doesn't understand the impact of her behavior. According to Mrs. Holder she doesn't believe that the girl has any idea of the turmoil she is causing. She doesn't understand how much she is bothering Sydney and it is Mrs. Holders belief that she would cease if she truly understood. True, but I wonder if that is not how all bullies think. After all, isn't that one of their major issues, an inability to empathise and put one in another's shoes? Regardless, with only a few days left of school and with the fact that the girl will not be returning to SCS next year it is probably a non issue. Between now and then they are watching her closely and it is probably a relatively safe environment for Sydney to learn to work through the issue.

Like with the pressure of not being in the office, there is not always a solution but there is a silver lining. Sydney will learn to master her fears and I will get more time with my purpii.

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