Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What to do with Ainsley?

You know, pretty much since the day she was born I have joked that Ainsley was going to be my trouble maker. I had visions of her standing up on tables and doing body shots. I know, I know, you can't believe he just said that about his own daughter.

Awful. Yes, I know.

You see, the little twerp has always had that bubbly personality. She seemed to take the best outgoing-ness and flirtatiousness both of our genes had to offer and multiply it into some exponential algorithm that is what she is today. I guess the question is: Is it just innately who she is or did we somehow just wish this upon ourselves? I don't know what the answer is but I guess it won't change the fact that she very definitely is a flirtatious twerp with a boy hunting addiction.

Oh sure, it was cute when she and Zachary Rogers used to hold hands when visiting the zoo at the age of 3. It was even somewhat cute when she would hug Nash everyday when we left school. But now - now, we have gone completely out of control. I don't know what changed over the last few months but Ainsley's addiction has grown. Now I can't get her through the hallway without her hugging or trying to hold hands with at least 3 or 4 different little boys. At Tae Kwon Do she even sneaks off into the back stairwell with one of the little boys - he is 8, she is 4 (going on 40 with a firm grip on cougardom). Do the math.

Now it isn't that she is doing anything bad. But she very definitely has a love for little boys. Graham has even moved into sister protection mode. He gives anyone hugging her a dirty look and will break it up if it goes on too long.

I mean it. We have a problem here.

This all brings the question of what to do. Do we sit down and have a talk with her (remember she is 4 or almost 5 if you ask her)? Do we just let it go on and hope and pray that it goes away?

Honestly, I can tell you that saying something about it only seems to have had the effect of her wanting to do it more. She seems to enjoy it that much more if she knows she is not supposed to do it. Wow, is that her mother or what?

I don't have any answers. I can only tell you that Graham and I are at our wits end and even Lynley seems somewhat concerned.

What do we do to break our 4 year old's man habit?

Purpose give me strength.


Anonymous said...

My older son has a friend like this but he hugs anyone - I would just talk to her aobu tthe need for personal space and that not everyone likes to be hugged (as opposed to the other reasons not to do it)

Anonymous said...

for what's worth my honest opinion, keep on doing what you are doing, observe, observe, observe, only intervene if you see that there is inappropriate touching happening on either side.

My daughter now 26, has always enjoyed boy "friends" more than girl "friends" would you think twice if Ainsley were hugging girls, or would you let it go as her being an affectionette friend.

My daughter's boyfriends/partner had to get "over" her affection with her boy "friends" she has not changed yet.