Friday, April 9, 2010

Twerp recap

Good morning! Well, I am back. Yesterday morning was, unfortunately, part two of a root canal gone wrong. Thankfully, today that is all history and now all I have left to do is have a permanent filling put in its place. I really can't complain too much. This time I had the pleasure of having my root canal performed by an endodontist. I felt nothing other than a little soreness in my jaw from having it cranked open for a little over an hour. I am just hoping that this time it works.

But enough about me. Who really cares? It is about the kiddos, right? And, I have been neglectful in my twerp reporting duties. I guess that has been the case simply because not a lot has been going on - or maybe, things have just been flying by too fast. Let's see.

Sydney has had a tough time this spring with allergies. At least, I hope it is allergies. If it isn't allergies then there is a whole other level of horror that we are getting ready to deal with. She continues to have regular headaches and she is on a slew of drugs to try to deal with the effects. As you may recall, her sinuses are chock full of snot. She has also been complaining of a burning sensation in her lungs after some of her more intense cross training workouts. I think we have all experienced that at one time or another but it has never really happened to her before. It is just one of the many minor ailments that have plagued her recently. It remains hard trying to walk the line between rather intense allergies and the threat of the monster in the closet. Thankfully, this month is scan month and while our routine set of scans have been peeled way back it may at least give us a little comfort that it is just ordinary nothingness.

On the other hand, Sydney has continued to excel at school. Recently, she brought home yet another report card full of straight As and excellent behavior. The only minor quibble she received from her teacher is the fact that Sydney continues to be a social butterfly flitting from one conversation to another - just not always at the most appropriate times. Apparently, she enjoys being the center of attention. Gee, I wonder where she gets that.

Physically, Sydney has been less engaged over the last month. Last night was a better practice at Tae Kwon Do but the last few practices have been filled with only half intensity. This has not only been seen in Sydney, I think it has been true for most of the team. Although practices continue full throttle throughout the tournament season there is no immediate threat to prepare for. There is no looming tournament. Our next national qualifier for Graham is about six weeks away and we are 3 months out of the Junior Olympics. Give it a few weeks and I think they will all snap back into tournament form.

Well, I had hoped to provide a full update of all of the twerplets but as you can see I have already run out of time and space with my dribble so the rest will have to wait.

Good things are coming though. It looks like Lynley got us some huge discounts at Six Flags so we may be going there this weekend. I am sure there will be many great stories to follow.

Until then I am off to chase purpose.

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