Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stolen Innocence

Good morning! Well, at least I hope so, anyway. Given yesterday afternoon's escapades I am not sure all of the dunganlets will have recovered. Graham, unbeknownst to his Mom and Dad, took his iPod Touch to school for show and tell. For the record, we have been clear about what Graham can and cannot take to school, the iPod touch clearly being on the list. However, because this was for "show-and-tell," he apparently did not feel that he was braking the rules.

The unfortunate part of all of this is that one of the kids at this very "Christian" school stole it. Show and tell occurred at about 1:15. After that, Graham was asked to put it in his backpack in the hallway. After a Chinese class and a test on his bible verse, Graham made it back out to his backpack to find it missing. Only the kids in his class new of the iPod Touch. Before Graham had discovered it missing, several of the kids had made it back out to the hallway to gather up their belongings. They do the bible verse individually in order and then, after you complete your bible verse, you are supposed to go gather up your things and prepare for dismissal. It is apparently during this time that the thievery occurred.

We have a pretty good idea of who it probably was. It seems like there is a bad seed in every class and this kiddo hits the mark. He is known for lying to teachers and being a constant trouble maker. In fact, 2 parents pulled their kids out of SCS last year because they refused to discipline this child. Regardless, Graham heard him bragging about hiding/taking it to a couple other boys. Unfortunately, there is little that we can do, and I suspect that this kiddo will get away with it, yet again. It is especially sad for Graham who saved up for an entire year to purchase his iPod touch. He bought it just 2 weeks ago.

It is a good lesson, however, I think he has learned it. It is time to get his touch back.

I honestly don't know what to do. I can't outright blame this kid. I have absolutely no proof. The entire case is built upon here say from a 6 year old. Any ideas?

I need amo for my purpose gun.


Vicky said...

Mark - this is a tricky one. I think if it were me, I'd call the child's parent and ask if by any chance Graham's iPod had somehow gotten into the wrong backpack. Maybe even say that a couple of classmates said that their child said he had found one. Tread lightly!!! Surely the parents will be aware if their child suddenly has an iPod. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Graham, but he will learn from loving parents right and wrong. If this other boy is never approached about having done something wrong (even if only politely or carefully) think about what he will grow up to be. I think the teacher has some obligation to at least ask the class as a whole if they know anything about it. I agree everyone needs to be careful, but too careful and that child will be a real terror.

Anonymous said...

I think the principal also should be told---I would think he would want to know----especially if the school has an honor code!!!! I would think since it is a Christian school it would!!!