Friday, April 23, 2010

The Saga Continues

Good morning! Thank you for all of the advice regarding Graham's iPod touch. I genuinely appreciate all of the email. Just do give you an update. The teacher did send an email out to all of the parents. Yesterday I also met with the principal and the Director of early childhood to see if we could spread our net a little wider. There is much suspicion surrounding some of the kids in Graham's class. Unfortunately, since water boarding is out we will have to depend on guilt to get the better of whoever it was before we have any hope of its safe return. Unfortunately, with the prime suspect, I am confident he is without a soul so I am doubtful it will work with him. I know, sorry, harsh words. I just don't have any tolerance for children whose parents don't discipline them.

I know, I know. I will tread lightly. But, this is my diary and I can say whatever I want to.

The good news out of this situation is that Graham has taken this all pretty well. He is such a gentle soul. He is so innocent and pure. It never occurred to him that someone would steal his precious iPod. It just never registered. Why would somebody do something bad like that? It is a little difficult for me to watch him learn this lesson about life and people. I just wish we lived in his world.

So, this is Friday. This is actually the start of OLSAT testing for the 2nd grade and next week will be jam packed with SAT testing. We took both Graham and Sydney out of Tae Kwon Do early last night to ensure that they got a complete night of rest before their brains were challenged today. Interestingly, Sydney is not nervous about the tests. In fact, she is really, really looking forward to them. In her words, "I love the tests where I get to fill in the bubbles." Good thing, too. She has quite a bit of bubbles before her.

As I write, she
just plopped down on the couch and seems rather well rested and chipper. That was, of course, before Lynley came in and told her to step away from Pink Panther on TV and get up and into the shower.

Well, as you can see, it is starting to move around here.

It is time to get my purpose into gear.

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