Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the weeds

I suppose you are thinking that our anniversary must have done me in. I only wish. Unfortunately, my excuse is not even that exciting. First, I was without Internet access for a few days. With the frequency with which that happens you must assume that I live in some rural area or in a third world country. Nope. I live almost smack dab in the center of Fort Worth, TX. In fact, I am so close to down town Fort Worth that it does not qualify as a suburb. I live in a big high tech city. No, the reason that I have such sporadic and poor Internet service is because I am a Charter cable customer. Their service is simply that unreliable.

Again, in case that was unclear, Charter Cable has unreliable service and their customer support is horrible.

You may think that would be the only reason for my absence. I mean, isn't that enough. No, I am a geek so I could always post to my blog from my iPhone in a pinch. One of the main reasons I have been "unavailable" has been a huge deadline that is looming over my head. The good news is that all of that will come to an end late tonight. This project has left me burning that candle at both ends and has only been complicated by the lack of Internet access.

I wish I had a better excuse. For the most part I have the luxury of having a very flexible schedule which allows me to put my family first. Unfortunately, when deadlines loom, my schedule is less flexible. Thankfully deadlines like this are few and far between.

So, in the meantime, bear with me.

Just so you know, the kids are great. They are testing at school right now so there isn't any homework or other school work. Outside of ensuring that they have 4 sharpened #2 pencils, their lunch, and a snack there is very little preparation for them. In fact, the only problem I can think of is the fact that they are going through a rash of bickering amongst one other. Perhaps, this is partially a result of my neglect due to this latest project or, perhaps, they are just being siblings. None the less, it is fairly constant and irritating. I will let it slide for now.

But, come tomorrow, the sheriff will be back in town.

My purpose will be back in gear.

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