Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Good morning, well the Dungan 7 - Hold on, I said Dungan 7. Not 5. Was that a typo? Good lord, I wish. But no, after much cajoling (actually female dictatorship) Lynley convinced everyone to bring along the dogs on our trip to Alabama. Thankfully it was not all of them - just 2 - but, that really was enough, wasn't it? Ironically, the dogs were the best behaved. They were our absolute best travelers. They were followed by the kids and then, well, Lynley. I would love to tell you some great Griswold Dungan stories about our trip across the country (well, half of it) in the suburban assault vehicle but there is really very little to tell. For the first time in the history of Dungan travel there was no high pressure or stress getting here. For the most part, everyone had a pretty good time. All of the kiddos were well-behaved and even Lynley seemed to sneak by without any of her usual travel demerits. In fact, she only scored on the bottom of the Dungan travel ratings because she is under the weather and she was a little whiney about her sore throat. She claims it is not the flu but time will tell. She seems pretty perky this morning so she may already be on the mend. If not, I am sorry Alabama. The upcoming statewide H1N1 pandemic is probably my wife's fault.

On Saturday, the day before our trip, Sydney and Graham had a Tae Kwon Do tournament, the DFW International. Of all places, the tournament took place at a church. Yes, we are in the bible belt aren't we? It all began to make more sense as we drove up though. This was a Korean church - complete with a sizable gymnasium. The big bouts were between Team USA and Team Mexico but the most entertaining portion of the opening ceremony was a sword demonstration by a team traveling from Korea. I hope to post some video once I get back to Texas and the video camera.

The kiddos did the best I have ever seen them do as team Dungan. For the first time there were no bronze medals - just silver and gold. Graham received gold in forms and Sydney received silver. However, Sydney came in second to another team member from GSX. Quite frankly, he was incredible. I love my daughter but she was no where close to Jacob in her performance. He did an great job. However, Sydney was clearly better than the rest of the competition and did well earning her medal. Sydney and Graham both won silver in sparring. Although they both lost to kiddos that were at least a belt level above them they both preformed better than I have ever seen them. Their technique is improving and I was terribly proud to be their father. They get better and better every time. Their confidence is improving. The both lack a bit of aggressiveness which seems to be the difference between matches that the lose by a single point and total domination. They are getting close. Technique is good but they just aren't throwing enough offensive kicks.

Well, enough bragging. The girls are all up and it is time to entertain the Dungan chickees.

Good news, Alabama , with more time this morning for review Lynley appears to be greatly improved.

Off to a week of fun purpose.

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