Monday, November 9, 2009

Let the MOHS begin

Good morning! Well it would just figure that today I would have a ton to talk about and a complete inability to do so. You see, after a wildly successful Tae Kwon Do tournament with the kiddos, I decided to cut halfway through my thumb at Chilis. You might think I was trying to do something sophisticated. Nope. I was trying to cut my hamburger in half.

I missed.

I don't really know how you miss cutting your hamburger in half and instead cut your thumb but I sure did it. It did, however, make for an exciting trip to the ER for a few stitches to put Humpty Duffus back together again. To be honest, I was never too concerned about the whole ordeal but the kiddos were all sure I could see the light.

At the end of my stitchery they came in to bandage my wound. I had a choice. I big band aid or a little one. I was hoping for a large complicated wound dressing and thumb board. How was this going to look? This was not going to go over well with the kiddos.

Sure enough, I got home and the kiddos laughed at my little boo boo. Even Ainsley said "That's it - a band aid?" At that point I had to take off the band aid to show them the stitches so that they would believe me. At least my Frankenstein stitched finger returned a little bit of my Daddy cred. Once I proved my toughness to the kiddos by displaying my massive injury I went to the cupboard to get out yet another band aid. Unfortunately, we only had Strawberry Shortcake or SpongeBob band aids. So much for by cred.

Well outside of some throbbing the weekend went smoothly. The kiddos did wonderfully at their Tae Kwon Do tournament. Sydney beat a boy at sparring that was an entire belt above her. I must admit, that made me pretty proud. In all, Graham came home with silver and bronze medals and Sydney came home with gold and silver medals. Their will be some great pictures coming in the next few days (thanks to Mike for being our official photographer).

Well, enough about all that fun stuff. This is the big day. Today Lynley has surgery to remove the skin cancer from her forehead. The fun begins at 9 this morning with the MOHS procedure and will finish up later this afternoon with the plastic surgeon at 2:00 PM. For those of you interesting in following her progress I will be tweeting the highlights from my iPhone. Lynley has been trying to get me to start using twitter so I am finally going to break down and do it. I signed up for a personal twitter account and you can follow me on twitter here. We will keep you updated and for those of you interested in following our day-to-day escapades, well, you can see those as well. We will see how this goes.

Well, I had best be off. There is a mountain to do to get everything ready for this morning. Their are kids to feed and get to school and a wife to get to the hospital.

It will be a long day of purpose.

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