Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Hot Harry Potter

You can say that, can't you? I mean you are allowed to call your wife the "hot" version of Harry Potter and get away with it can't you. I sure hope so. Well, the point is that Lynley came through her ordeal just fine. We arrived at the dermatologist's office a few minutes late - go figure, Lynley late. Who would have thought? Regardless, it still was not very long before we were back in the operating suite. After about 20 minutes of prep she was ready to go. The entire procedure took about 5 minutes. Then, of course, we waited for pathology to test the tissue. The good news was that they were able to get all of the cancer out in one fell swoop. This had us leaving the building at roughly 11 to head to the surgery center to be closed by a plastic surgeon. At this point her "look" was questionable. She had a big protective dome on the crown of her forehead. The skin colored covering made her look like some sort of horned creature. However, that was far better than what lurked underneath - a grotesque open wound that looked like the scene from The Believers.

Thankfully, they were able to fit her in a bit earlier at the surgery center. This was good news as she was able to finish in time so that we could pick up the kiddos from school. The only snafu seemed to come in the form of a nurse that did not listen to her in recovery. She had already worked out what drugs she wanted in recovery - none - with the anesthesiologist. Unfortunately, the nurse did not get the message. Lynley asked what the nurse was about to give her. He said Versed. She said that she did not want it. He told her she was not in a place to make her decisions and pushed the drug in anyway. This, of course, sent Lynley off. Her perfect day of skin cancer removal was ruined. I am quite sure that she will now dedicate her life to ensuring that this male "know-it-all" nurse never has the opportunity to do that again. (Wow, do you think she might have some hidden pent up anger towards that type of person?) After our experience dealing with Sydney, we really have lost all filters. We simply don't take that type of thing lying down. Treat the patient - not your ego. It took her the better part of the evening to get over that little incident and, frankly, I am still staying out of swinging distance.

Well that completes most of my coverage of Lynley's big day. She now has a small bandage on her forehead and is recovery nicely. Today we should get our first good look at the incision on her forehead. We are both hoping for a lightning bolt.

Today our purpose should return to normal.

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r4i said...

I like this article but..
last night i went to the midnight premiere of harry potter and the half blood prince! I was honestly so disappointed! was it just me or did it seem very choppy and for some reason didn't feel like it was a harry potter movie. Don't get me wrong some of the parts in it were either really funny or somewhat scary but i really was not satisfied. I don't know, what did you think?? Am i wrong? Give me your opinions..