Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A step towards womanhood - not mine!

Good morning! This morning you find me, once again, reporting from Huntsville, AL. I am sitting outside this morning. It would not be nearly so bad if it were not somewhere in the 40s but that is the price I am willing to pay for Internet access. You see, wireless Internet access is only available on the back porch. Don't ask. Just think of it like an outhouse for the new age and remember that I am in the ol' south and things are just a bit different here.

But, enough about Internet access. I actually have a pretty momentous occasion to report. This is somewhat of a serious subject so you may want to forget everything I have said above.

You see, one of the long term side effects that Sydney has experienced from all of her treatments has been hair growth. While her hair has come back it is extremely thin and somewhat sparse. With an inability to grow long hair this has been a subject of sadness for her. She struggles with feeling, well, "girly." She constantly complains of looking like a boy. While I think nothing could be further from the truth, it is ultimately meaningless how I feel. It is her perception that counts. I can tell her that she looks pretty 1 million times but if she does not believe it, it is wasted breath.

Lynley and I have debated what to do. We have discussed many things. Ultimately, it has finally come down to something as simple as earrings. The decision was not difficult for Lynley or I. Frankly, we could care less. If it makes her feel more feminine than we are for it. Especially considering her history. For others, it has been more stumbling point. In fact, for some it has been a source of much difficulty. Apparently there is a rule about how old you must be for it to be considered "acceptable" to have earrings. Apparently, if you get them too young, it is considered tacky. I wonder, in this case. Are they more worried about how Sydney feels or how they will?

Get over it.

This is a very easy way for Sydney to feel more feminine and she certainly deserves it.

And so, without further ado, I present a beautiful little lady..........

Purpose is about what you believe, not what others may think about what you believe.


Team Russi said...

Good for her! She looks beautiful.

If any of the worried people ask what she wants for Christmas you can now tell them "earrings". :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the earrings! I totally agree with you...how others feel about your choice is not important. Hmmm wondering about the people making this judgement. Now I will jump on the bandwagon when you start talking nose ring or tattoo! May you all have a blessed, happy Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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