Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Lord, another blue sticker?

Yesterday, Ainsley came home with yet another blue sticker. Of course, this is after I jokingly called her a red sticker waiting to happen in front of her teacher. Perhaps, she was defending Ainsley. Or, perhaps Ainsley truly did earn a blue sticker. Regardless, Ainsley could not have been prouder when I showed up to pick her up from school. The moment she saw me she came running to jump in my arms. She hugged me as hard as she could and then brought us all to a stand still as she had to open up her backpack and dig around for her folder so that she could show me the actual real-life blue sticker. As she open her folder I half expected the heavens to part, a bolt of light to shoot up to into the sky, and the sounds of a choir to fill our ears. There is no doubt in my mind that is what Ainsley saw and heard and, frankly, I think I just might have as well.

On the way home, of course, we had to call Mom on the speakerphone to share the good news. Throughout the 30 minute car ride home she would show us the sticker several more times and , of course, we had to talk about it. All the way home she just could not get over it. "Can you believe it, Daddy? I am so good. Did you see my blue sticker?"

I should also note that Graham got a blue sticker today as well. But, I must admit, it was completely overshadowed by the sheer joy surrounding Ainsley. (Get used to it buddy, we are surrounded by dominant girls.)

I remain intrigued by Ainsley's behavior at school. I have always known her to be sweet and absolutely adorable. I can also tell you that, of all of my children, she is currently the best hugger and the most affectionate. I wonder if that is the way she is at school. The funny thing is that she is somewhat like a cat. You can love her and give her cuddles one moment and the next second the claws are out and she has slapped you across the back of the head. The second she feels wronged or has grown tired of your affection - DUCK!

I am guessing she probably does not do that at school which tells me that she can control it. And, if she can control the reaction there, why doesn't she do it at home? She doesn't get away with it and punishments are swift and consistent. What's the deal?

Regardless, as always, I am incredibly proud. Everyday the kiddos continue to show me what great little human beings they are becoming.

I am still not ready to show Ainsley any of my weaknesses but I must admit that I am as proud of her as she is. In fact, I am downright giddy.

Still, we may all wait until we are on school grounds before we get too excited - just to be safe.

Ainsley - you are an awesome purpose.

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