Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just an ordinary Dungan day.

Writing in my blog was not in the cards yesterday morning. A project for work had me working into the wee hours. That was followed by an early rise to get the project out the door. Unfortunately, it left me no time for morning ramblings. In my absense, things did not slow down. In fact, if anything, things are speeding up. Today, Mimi and Papa are coming in town for a visit. You can top that off with the fact that the plans are already lined out for the next week.

Tonight is our final GSX team practice before our tournament on Saturday in Addison. Graham and Sydney have already had 4 practices this week. Unfortunately, after watching them last night it is pretty apparent that they need some more. Ouch! Hey, I am an honest. I don't know what has happened over the last week but their sparring skills have definitely taken a backslide. For some reason they are both forgetting some of their basics. Tonight we will grind those in and tomorrow we will be sure to do some walk throughs to keep it fresh.

That is all just the beginning. Tomorrow morning is grandparent' day at SCS which means it is time for their big show. All of the kiddos have been rehearsing for weeks (if not more) and they are incredibly excited. I continue to be amazed at the skills these kiddos are learning at SCS. They are able to do so much more than I at their age. Friday will be chock full of grandparent's day activities and it will not stop there. Saturday will be spent in Addison at the Tae Kwon Do tournament. Sunday will hopefully be a day of rest because on Monday Lynley will be going under the knife to have the cancer carved out of her forehead.

Are we busy enough?

Oh yeah, and then there is work. I wonder where we will fit all of that in. I guess that will mean more late nights and early mornings. That is why the string is on both ends of the candle, right?

I am beginning to loose my ability to see purpose for all of the purpose going on.

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