Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Tax

Wow, it is amazing how much trouble you can get in from your wife when you forget to blog about a milestone is some one's life. I am serious. I received dirty looks and everything. Regardless, today I am here to rectify this little situation. Here ye, here ye:

On Friday, October 16, 2009 Graham Dungan lost his very first tooth. He lost it at school during lunch. Here is a picture of the now toothless twerp who will undoubtedly be wishing for his two front teeth for Christmas.

This all went just fine until I realized the amount of inflation we have seen in the tooth fairy industry over the last few decades. I remember back to the good old days when I used to walk up hill both ways to school, when we didn't have cell phones or computers and when a lost tooth was only 25 cents - a fair price for a used tooth I might add.

For some reason, clearly unbeknownst to me, the price for a gooey old baby tooth is now $5.00.


Now don't get me wrong. I know how all of this started. It was those darn Wix's. When their son lost his last tooth the price was $10 dollars. Now given, apparently his tooth held more value because it had a temporary silver crown. But still, it was this one incident that set a precedent in our house. If the Tooth Fairy does not step up to the plate here our children's fragile psyches certainly won't be able to handle the Tooth Fairies perceived dislike for substandard Dungan teeth (Yes, I have tired that angle too.)

It is up to us to fight for what is right. I don't know where all of this money is coming from. Apparently, the tooth fairy was also a recipient of a government bailout. His tooth purchasing program is now backed by the strength of our tax dollars. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my bailout. It seems I keep paying more and more and yet I receive less and less. And, just like the bailouts, I am paying the price for someone else's greediness.

It's time to take a unified stand against the Tooth Fairy Tax.

Okay, okay, Iam done. I fully realize that some purposes are less important than others.

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