Friday, October 2, 2009

No, I didn't forget anything!

Good morning. Given my recent history, I probably should not have skipped a day of writing in my blog without warning. I can just imagine what was going through every one's minds. "Jeez, Mark sure is forgetting a lot of things lately. Did he forget to write in his diary? Did he forget one of his kiddos again? Did CPS finally have enough? Did they come and get him?" Or, for those of you who don't fall prey to such unrealistic mental meanderings, perhaps you were thinking of something a little bit more realistic. "Did the kids tie Mark up? Was it a mutiny? Do the have him locked up in the basement? Are they forcing him to survive on all of the healthy snacks he normally tries to make them eat?"

Well the good news is that neither of the scenarios is the case. I still have most of my mental faculties. I have recovered from my forgetfulness earlier in the week. And, finally, I am still technically one step ahead of the little rugrats. Truth be told, the COG (Children's Oncology Group) meeting was in Dallas this week and I slipped out early yesterday morning for a neuroblastoma breakfast meeting. I agree, it is not nearly as exciting to most as the other two scenarios but for me, a nerdly father of a child with neuroblastoma, it was pretty cool. I cherish every opportunity I get to meet with the "big brains" and this was no exception. I am happy to say I got a bunch done and learned about several new therapies that are in the pipeline. I also got some updates about many of the other things going on in the neuroblastoma world. Progress continues to be made and there are some exciting ideas on the horizon. I don't know that I heard ramblings of the cure but there definitely are several who are trying very hard to get there.

As far as the home front, well it seems as though whatever bug flew through Sydney and Graham has finally made its way to Ainsley. Two days ago she started showing signs of the pronounced cough, hoarseness and fever. Yesterday she stayed at home and, given last night, she will be staying home again today. She was up several times last night and at one point we even had to give her an albuterol treatment with the nebulizer. That seemed to help and eventually she fell back asleep. She would be back in our room several times throughout the night but, thankfully, not with such relatively severe symptoms. Given how this has gone through the other two, I expect this to take a few days for her to full recover. I would expect her to be relatively back to normal by Monday.

Well, I must be off. I have several very important email sitting in my inbox that I must get off first thing this morning. It is time to put my neuroblastoma hat back on before the nursemaiding begins again.

There is purpose in the air.

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