Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Putting my head in the sand

It probably should not surprise anyone that the moment Sydney shows any sign of sickness I can still feel that lump in my throat and then sensation like everything has been emptied from the pit of my stomach. At the end of this month we will hit the 5 year mark since the last time we saw any hint of disease in Sydney, yet I still fear it like it was day 1. I don't know whether that makes me a mental case or just your average ordinary dad but, none the less, that is how I feel. I guess I have just gotten better at hiding it.

Just so you know, Sydney still has sporadic aches and pains. Over time I have just adjusted by using the ostrich method. Whenever she tells me that she has headaches or a pain in her legs I simply give her some Tylenol and stick my head in the sand for 2 days. By then the pains have always subsided or the source has become obvious and it is clear to the world that it is not neuroblastoma. Yes, it is a gift I have acquired. I can put off worrying for two days. I have gotten so good at it I don't even think to write about the little aches and pains in my diary.

I guess that makes me a worry procrastinator.

Oh well, it seems to work.

So, back to reality. Sydney is on the decline. I expect her to be a full fledged sicky sometime today. I could be wrong but that is what my gut is telling me. She is stuffy, she is full of snot, she has a pronounced cough, and she has headaches. She is yet to produce a fever but her temp is certainly hovering around threatening. Sporadically she has complained of other various aches and pains as well. Yep, there is something funky afoot.

A rational human being would assume that since these were the same symptoms that Graham and Ainsley had it would likely be the same ailment.

Then again, I am not a rational human being.

I can't help but wonder.

I think I need to go stick my head in the sand.

Mark Dungan a.k.a. Purpose Ostrich

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