Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Run free little birds

Well, today the kiddos head back to school. That is good news. I think another day and it might have begun to deteriorate. I was starting to see the signs of sibling rift. It really is amazing to watch. After a few days together the pleases and thank yous begin to wain, they become short with each other and, for some reason, the games they play now only allow 2 people instead of 3. These are all precursors to a full out war.

However, it seems the school week came just in time. With the continued rain I am quite sure that they would not have survived as a flock another day. They had been cooped up too long.

Yesterday we did actually make it out of the house. It was not very far but I decided it was necessary to have a voyage around the block. Yes, I took the opportunity to educate them about Columbus. I had been terribly disappointed by the fact that none of my kids had any clue what it was all about. None.

When I asked Sydney she told me that her teacher said that it would be covered later. When I asked Graham he told me exactly what Columbus Day was. "It is a day where kids and daddies get to stay home while mommies have to go to work.: For Ainsley, well she just looked at me like I was out of my gourd when I quizzed her.

After brushing up on my history in Wikipedia (surprisingly I remembered most of it), I took them on a voyage and told the story of Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America. Thankfully, midway through my story Ainsley decided to speak up and told me that she was actually learning about it in school. The others, well, still not so much. The good news is that now they know - whether they thought they needed to know it or not. At the very least, they are now equipped if they ever have children.

In the end it was a very good day.

But now, now, it is over and it is time to set them free again.

Off, off little birdies. It is time to get back to work.

Purpose awaits us all.

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