Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Remeber why I am here

Well, I guess you could tell that it was a long Memorial Day weekend. It seemed as though, just as quickly as it began, it was over. I am quite sure that feeling will continue throughout this short week. You see, this is the last week of school. The twerp excitement alone could be enough to make this week seem short. Couple that with a holiday yesterday, a shortened day on Friday, a mass of end of school events and what you have left is almost no school at all.

Of course, that is just fine with the gaggle. It would make them happy if summer simply began today.

Yes, it does not matter to them. This is all just high time in the life of a kiddo.

Unfortunately, for us big kiddos it is a bit of a different story. We have this little thing called work that we have to "work" around it to make sure we can attend all of these end of school festivities and shortened days. This, of course, left me working most of last weekend. I have several deadlines and, of course, they are all due this week.

I just have to remember by job as a Dad.

Don't bring the stress home.

It is all about the purpii.

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