Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A lesson on the horizon

This morning will be a very quick update. Sydney has a part in a production at chapel this morning and needs to be there quite a bit early. I am happy to say that her swimmer's ear is greatly improved. I am hopeful that by the end of the week she will be ready to hop back into the pool.

I do have a few minutes so I will tell you about something that is in the plans. On Monday night at Tae Kwon Do it was announced that they will be having a tournament in about 4 weeks. Tournaments include sparring, breaking, and forms. Sparring is a form of fighting. They will wear padded helmets and protective gear. Breaking is the act of breaking boards. Forms are a form of choreographed fight. They have to perform a series of kicks, punches, and movements in order. We signed both Graham and Sydney up for the competition and they will be participating in all 3 areas. Graham was ecstatic. However, it sent Sydney into fits of hysteria. This was an expected reaction and, frankly, one that we were looking forward to. It is getting through these bouts of fear that is exactly the reason that we put Sydney into these classes. You might think that the fear is from being hit. That is not it. The fear is from being embarrassed and laughed at. YOu might think this is a small fear, however, for Lynley and I who have battled with this fear in our lives know that it is far stronger and for more dibilitating than the fear from bodily injury. This is about establishing the cornerstone of confidence. This is about teaching her to believe in herself. This is a perfect opportunity to teach her that she can do anything that she sets her mind to and will hopefully instill the confidence she lacks. The irony in the whole situation is that, for the most part, she is far superior in talent than the others in her class. Whether she knows it or not (she doesn't), this is an easy challenge for her. In my eyes, this is a perfect opportunity for success. I truly believe this tournament is going to mark a significant turning point in her life.

She will begin to believe in herself.

She will find purpose.

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