Thursday, May 28, 2009

A febrile birthday

Unfortunately, Ainsley's fever did not stay down. By about 8:00 AM Ainsley's temperature was back in the normal range. Given that and her desire to go to school, we decided to let her go. It did not last too long. By about 11:30 the school had called. Her fever was back and it was time for her to come home from school. This was bitter sweet. She did get to go to school on her birthday. However, this exit would also mark her last day as our Jewish Dungan family representative. This would be her last day of school at the Lil Goldman Early Learning Center. With a fever, she is not allowed back at school today and tomorrow is a Jewish holiday. Although this school would continue for another two weeks, Ainsley will not be attending as she will be staying at home with Claudia who is coming back on Monday to care for the kiddos throughout the summer. We will be taking her back to school for their year end party but, as of yesterday, well that was pretty much it for Ainsley.

The good news is that after Ainsley's afternoon nap she made a pretty speedy recovery. I can't really tell you whether she had a fever or not as we kept the Tylenol flowing but I can tell you that she woke up this morning fever free. Regardless, the point is that she got to enjoy her birthday evening. The crowning moment was the receipt of Grammie's gift, her very own Tinkerbell big girl bike.

It wasn't long before she was hitting the streets on her very own.

Watch out America! Purpose on wheels!

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