Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A refueling weekend

Good morning! Well, it is now Tuesday morning and I am guessing that everyone must have realized from my phase 1 post yesterday that, even though I did not discuss it, somehow, we must have made it through the weekend. That was indeed the case - although barely. My mean, slave driving (yet beautiful, intelligent and love of my life) wife relegated me to yard staff. She went nuts. I can't say that my life was any more difficult than hers. After all, she planted some 150 to 200 plants herself. My only point is to say that I did not get my well deserved nap. Additionally, she also made me trim the holly bush. It is evil - and pokey. Had I received a nap and had she not made me trim the holly you probably never would have heard a peep from me. However, since she did and this is the only form of protest I can get away with, you get to listen to me whine and complain.

I will show her.

The children survived the weekend as well. However, I can't say that they were particularly happy either. Saturday brought in a cool front and significant rain which kaboshed all plans for pool filled weekend. With pool temperatures falling below 74 degrees and air temperatures starting in the 50s, itn was not conducive to their dreams of swimmers delight. In all actuality, this was not a bad thing. Sydney has already developed her inaugural case of swimmer's ear and needs to be staying clear of the pool for a few days anyway. She is back on Floxin for the next 5 days and is under strict orders from Dr. Debbie to keep her ears from getting wet.

Other than these two issues the weekend went off with out a hitch. Somehow the kiddos found a way to keep themselves happy and my wife ended up with a beautiful back yard.

You know what that equals, don't you?

happy kiddos + happy wife = one ecstatic hubby

Life is good! My purpose is refueled.

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