Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of School

Woo hoo! The last day of school! You may be wondering why I am so ecstatic. Well, yes, I will be happy to have my kiddos around the house again. There is something entirely wonderful about having them nearby. However, that is not it. The reason I am so extremely excited to have them out of school is because that means I can get some full days of work in. These last two weeks have been ridiculous. It seems like everyday there has been some kind of ceremony, celebration, or half day. I suppose it also hasn't helped that Ainsley has been sick. But, that is not the point. On Monday, Claudia will be here. There will no longer be 30 minute commutes to and from school every morning and afternoon. I will go from working 9 hours per day to 10 or 11 or maybe even 12 and, better yet, I will get to see the kiddos even more often.

Yes, I am excited.

Now, a quick update on twerplet number 3. We visited Dr. Debbie yesterday and it has been confirmed. She has an ear infection. No exposure. No contagion. Just a simple ear infection. Now I am just hopeful that this little infection does not go through the rest of the kiddos. Yes, I know that ear infections are not contagious. But, as I will clearly point out to Dr. Debbie, they are in my family. Look at our history. It is the most amazing medical coincidence in decades.

Regardless, we are off to celebrate.

Have a great day!

We will be purposefully celebrating.

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