Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Giving Tree

After reading yesterday's post and discussing it with Sydney I received a stern lecture. You see, I get all wrapped up in hating the fact that neuroblastoma research is so terribly underfunded and I forget a very valuable part of Lunch for Life. In fact, to the kiddos, I may be forgetting the very most important part - The Giving Trees.

Each donation made to Lunch for Life in a child's name earns that child ornaments on their tree. They receive one ornament for each increment of five dollars. So, if you donate $10 the child will receive 2 ornaments. If you donate $50 the child will receive 10 ornaments. The really neat thing about these ornaments is that once they fill up the child's Giving Tree presents magically appear under their tree. These presents come in the form of real presents which are sent to the child or their family.

Sydney was very clear to point out that there was not a present under her tree yet.

Regardless, the kids absolutely love seeing the ornaments appear under their trees and, from what I hear, they have an absolute blast receiving the gifts as well.

It does not stop there.

The children do not only receive ornaments for every $5 donated in their names. They also receive 1 chance to win the Walt Disney Dream Vacation for their family. Yes, at noon CST on December 25, 2008 we have a drawing. We take all the entries that we have received all year and we draw a name out of the hat. I then get the pure pleasure of contacting that family to let them know that they have just one the dream vacation.

Sydney also thinks this is pretty neat.

Isn't that great? What a great trade for some lunch money?

Now, if you want to get real fancy you can actually double the amount of ornaments that people put on a child's tree and double the number of entries that they receive for the dream vacation.

You see, when you make your donation you will receive a receipt. On that receipt is a "Giving Tree Code." Now, your job is to get someone to make a donation using that Giving Tree Code. The use of that Giving Tree Code will double the number of ornaments and the number of entries.
  1. Email or call a friend
  2. Ask them to donate their lunch money using the Giving Tree Code you just received.
  3. They will receive double the amount of ornaments on the child's tree for their donation and double the entries for the dream vacation.

See, it is that easy.

Now, onto my problems.

Sydney is pretty excited about her tree. Will you help me fill it up?

You can view Sydney's tree here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.

There you go - a pile of purpose for just the cost of lunch.

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