Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pain in the Neck - literally

I can't move my head and it hurts to type. I know that really does sound pitiful, doesn't it? I feel like such a wuss. Regardless, I slept funny and my neck is making it very painful to type. I will have to find another way to keep myself busy today. That just might be the perfect excuse to dig through the pile of research that is sitting on my desk. There is so much I have wanted to read and now I have carte blanche to do it. Awesome!

I did want to give everyone a brief update on all of our wounded Dungan's. Grammie appears to be on the mend. Lynley and I visited her yesterday. She was down right perky. I think she has clearly made the turn and has improved tremendously. I expect to see her out of the hospital in the next few days. Graham too has weathered his toeing quite well. Although it still hurts to look at his toe he seems to be doing pretty well. He has a slight limp but seems to be able to get around pretty well. He even walked through the mall and played in the play area yesterday morning. The afternoon found him madly racing his big wheel up and down the block. All in all, it was far better than I had anticipated.

Everyone else seems to be doing pretty well. We have scheduled Sydney for her next MRI on January 9th so until then we are hoping for smoothe sailing. The kids are all home from school for the next week and, conveniently, even Lynley has had off. I, on the other hand, continue to work through the holiday.

There is no rest for purpose - even if I can't type.

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