Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A gaggle of ornament counters

Good morning! Everyone made it back to the grind yesterday. This was one of those weekends that I think everyone was thankful to get back to work and school just to slow down a bit. With 134 email in my inbox on Monday morning I can't say that it was relaxing but I am happy to report that I got through most of them. It is that time of year where the email seems to flow, I am not complaining. To me it is a sign that people are thinking about "Lunch for Life" and neuroblastoma and how they can make a difference. I can make all of the time in the world for that.

Sydney was ecstatic to see her Giving Tree with a present under it. Of course, the first people that she was interested in sharing the news with were her brother and sister. Although they were happy for Sydney it did not take them long to wonder where their trees were. That was an interesting moment for me. I had never thought about that side of Lunch for Life. We explained that the trees were for children with neuroblastoma and they seemed to get that but still did not think it was totally fair. What irony? I quickly told them about the chance to win the Disney Dream Vacation and that the whole family was eligible for that. They quickly forgot about Sydney's present and more interested in how many ornaments there were. 512 is a big concept for a 3 and 4 year old but they have quickly grasped the idea that more was better. As of now they can't wait to get home to look at the tree again. They are already scheming.

Well, I am off. Ainsley is in a tizzy this morning. She has spent most of her morning in timeout and has lost her pink blanky. It is not a pretty picture. But, this is what happens when you go and wake up your brother and sister right after you were told not to. Obstinate one than one. At times she is lucky that she is so darn cute.

I am off to another busy day of purpose.

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